Duck Delay


The Duck Delay is a powerful delay plugin that leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to all the possibilities you know from conventional delays, you’ll also find many other functions such as integrated ducking, special delay lines and creative equalizing. Everything without hidden menus and all parameters visible at a glance.

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The Main Features

New implementation of ducking without the need of sidechain routing via aux-bus

The namesake. The technique of the pros. Simple and efficient. No confusing sidechaining necessary anymore. With a twist of the button, you can make your delay assertive without losing the presence of the source signal.

Classical and rhythm preserving delay lines

True stereo Ping Pong Delays. Unique and unprecedented delay circuits. Switch the distribution of the echo repetitions with the push of a button.

Equalization of the delay signal without affecting the original

No more annoying routing to edit the effect signal in the frequency response. With the expandable, built-in equalizer, you can remove certain resonances from your delay signal while still emphasizing special parts of the effect.

Saturation and distortion before or after the delay section

From light saturation to brutal distortion. With the built-in overdrive, you can create light tape saturation to self-oscillating future effects. Choosing the distortion placement before or after the delay section gives you unparalleled tonal possibilities.

Innovative modulation options with different routings

Natural filter gradients, unbalanced tape machines, chaos-like echoes. The creative routing options leave nothing to be desired. You can breathe life into your drum loops, and give your synths or vocals an unreal spatial feel of room.

Undo/Redo and A/B comparison options

Never lose a setting anymore. Save your settings as presets or switch between two different ones. Switch back and forth between different work steps.

How it works

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